Is there any sense in the online games?

NaverNoah, is wise to ask – and is there any sense in the online games? And if Yes, what? 

today, it is very difficult to meet someone who does not play online games, or not see in social networks. It is believed that social networks bring people together, i.e. have a good social component. Online games are also very much unite people and not only in the fields of virtual battles. This, by the way one of the fundamental differences to social networks. 

In fact, what is social networking? This process of communication with people you knew before, purchased with friends, socializing on some common theme (fan clubs, Hobbies etc). In online games, all slightly different. Here, of course, has its own specific purpose – make your virtual hero (Persian, Chara) more "cool", more strong and pumped towards others. So to say, to confirm his Ego in the virtual world. Much has already been said and told different stories and anecdotes (some demotivators which are) on topics such as: "in the life of the Loch, and the game level 80". Besides, this is the way to live in his own world, where you can be yourself and do what you like for you. But it is worth a lot. Agree. 

Develop your own virtual character this way as you like. Constantly someone to compete and compete. To get the opportunity in the online game someone important (again – everything is relative). So, you can become a rich and influential merchant, head of the gaming clan or Guild can be a legendary warrior, and so on and so forth... And in real life you can be a modest clerk, office plankton, or simply, the so-called "nerd". 

in addition, online games side by side (i.e. to consist in one's clan together to repel the attacks of enemies or friends in the game) can be a simple schoolboy and the banker or the head of a large company. This is only possible in the online games. 

Important role in the online games played (sorry for the tautology) and communication. Man (player) receives a fellowship, which he deprived in real life. It may be that in the "real" (i.e. real life) he simply did not have enough of such communication. No social network or Dating site (forum, chat) will not give such good communication is as an online game. 

Well, perhaps in conclusion we should say that the online game, whether it is the most difficult strategy – this is a game. And play as not cool, it's not working. Especially when in an online game, do not need constant moment-to-moment presence, and can be played in the background. As they say, without interruption from work.